Terms of service

Terms of service

About boarding

* Please be sure to wear a life jacket with certified by the Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

. We have rental items, so please feel free to tell us.

* Please wear clothes that you can get wet and shoes that are not slippery.

* Be sure to throw the trash in the trash box provided. Thank you for your cooperation sea cleansing.

* We are not responsible for any troubles or injuries between passengers. Please pay attention to your surroundings and enjoy fishing.


* For safety, when playing a casting game with a shared boat fishing with other customers, the hook of the lure should be a barbless hook or crush the barb to making barbless hooks. In the case of a charter ship, we will leave it to the customer’s judgment, but we will not be responsible if the hook is stuck. 

* For resource protection, please refrain from taking fish more than necessary.

* If you do not follow the rules and safety regulations, you may be refused boarding.

About reservation and time

* If you cancel the charter ship for your convenience, the cancellation fee specified below will be charged.

Cancellation fee

* On the day: 100% of the boarding fee

* The day before: 90% of the boarding fee

* Up to 3 days in advance: 70% of boarding fee

*Up to 7 days in advance: 30% of boarding fee

* There is no cancellation fee due to bad weather.

Tokyo Bay Fishing Charters & Subscription
Tokyo Bay Fishing Charters & Subscription

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